psychosis of chaos > intermediate detention of attention

Irrelevant invasion does SNATCH

Does dreams missed kiss awake to TEAR

I can put the I in IDIOT

Organize a posie to please PERSON

Try to imagine if nothing fell APART

Little book with lots of pages that has your name all over them

Daniel I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of the best of everything which is my lifetime and yours. I want what you want. What you require is what I require. I love you forever and that never changes. I am a caged bird, and I sing for you. I only want to be yours and I want you to know that I truly mean this absolutely. I miss you so much, my veins are drying up. Can you help me, please, Dan?

light bulb in a potato…etc…

When you have to adjust to anything, think about adjusting a light bulb in a socket because it may illuminate possibilities to inspire a creative endeavor to explore an idea that sparks more than what you thought you could ever imagine. 

an open book

Shifting to feet and flight with no fancy and only sight

Circling back and forth with nothing in hands for only air is had

What is truly known? 

The take off and the Landing

To walk is one foot off the ground and one foot on the ground

This is the balance of the breeze

The leaf that falls in the air

To land in the puddle and stare

To climb stairs







Open doors and stepping over thresholds 



Where the moon does shine 

I am to kiss each path

And no page is bare

For I am cut

I am dead

How can I write poetry?

I die by being alive.

Box the boxing cat 

Does the cat fit?

I am human

One life to live

One life to give

One heart

butterflyspilledpages asked:

You do not have to apologize for your writing. Writing is a beautiful escape even if the content is horrid.

Thank you so much!

Writing is sometimes an escape for me, but truly an experience.

Sometimes it is time to move onto the next chapter or even page…

We can call this writing, but it will always be my heart.

The smallness of my size does not constitute the strength of resilience.

I really appreciate your support in my own individual effort of creative expression that may be taxing on nerves to firing neurons and not be receptive in all people, but that is the true beauty of everyone!

I agree that some art can appear horrid, but it is all in each individual interpretation to identify our strength in sight to what is insight.  

……{out of context}……

I feel what is truly O.K. because the actual meaning of the word is partial at best?  

Okay, if I were to be en route, yet I think of the etymology…To travel in words and be at a distance is not the etymology, but it’s O.K. This is how I understand beyond understanding.  

…….{end of out of context}……

Your concern for my art is very touching and I will never forget this!

Peace and Love,